January 24, 2020

Feelit Technologies – Industrial Machines with a Sense of Touch

Industry 4.0 is rapidly changing the way products are being manufactured, and Israeli startups play a key role in this revolution. The CEO of the highly promising startup Feelit Technologies gives us some insight into the incredible technology they developed. Read Full Article

FeelIt has won HANGAR by IAI annual startup competition

We’ve got a winner! Last Thursday, FeelIt has won HANGAR by IAI annual startup competition. During a pitching evet at the Israeli Commercial Aviation Conference, Feelit won a $100,000 package worth at Aviation Group’s start-up hub.

Feelit is the 1st startup to join the new innovation lab of Merck and Flex in Yavne Israel

On March 2019 Feelit will be the 1st startup to join PMatX, Merck and Flex new innovation lab in Israel (https://www.timesofisrael.com/german-drugmaker-merck-sets-up-israel-incubator-to-tap-into-chip-sensor-tech/). PMatX innovation lab vision is to advance the integration of innovative materials and novel manufacturing methods to enable a new era of electronics (http://pmatx.co.il/).